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As said above, this blog is multimuse, and multifandom, so there are a wide variety of individuals available for play. Under the cut, you'll find them sorted by their original fandom with any notes I may have seen fit to add. More information (and links) will be coming.

Compilation of FFVII 
Angeal Hewley (canon)
First Class SOLDIER and contemporary of Sephiroth, Angeal was the second child born in in the Jenova Project, in sub-project G to Gillian Hewley. He grew up poor in Banora, becoming close friends with Genesis and eventually travelling with him to Midgar where they joined SOLDIER. During the war, he rose to First Class and serves as second in command to SOLDIER forces. He's known for patience, kindness, a strong sense of duty, and being very firm about honor. When Zack Fair joins SOLDIER, Angeal becomes his mentor.

Genesis Rhapsodos (canon)
First Class SOLDIER and contemporary of Sephiroth, Genesis was the first of the three children from the Jenova Project and was unfortunately unstable. Though he was raised by a wealthy adoptive family in Banora, he left with his childhood friend Angeal to go to Midgar and join SOLDIER. He made rank as First Class quickly, though his temperament kept him in a less people-oriented third command position.

Lazard Deusericus (canon)
First seen in Crisis Core, Lazard is the head of the SOLDIER Department and the bastard son of President Shinra, older half brother to Rufus.

Star Wars
Saare-ha Carmine (Sith Inquisitor based OC, SWTOR canon)
Saare was kidnapped from Coruscant as an initiate in the Jedi and brought to Korriban with all other human captives. Enslaved for years, she gave up first on the Jedi and then on the code she had been taught and learned to defend herself by any means necessary. Catching the eye of some of the instructors as a teenager, she was sent to the Academy as an acolyte and eventually beat out others to become the apprentice of then-Lord Zash.

Gen-ji'al Carmine (Jedi Consular based OC, SWTOR canon)
Descended from generations of Green Jedi on Corellia, Gen-ji'al had spent the first ten years of his life firmly attached to his twin. When Saare was kidnapped, his emotional outlashing made many masters question if he was fit to remain with the Jedi himself. Unconventional master Yuon Par managed to work with him, taking him on early and beginning a long apprenticeship. Having been in the temple during the Sacking of Coruscant, Gen-ji'al's emotions rose again and he was sent to Tython for much training and reflection.

Seran-vin Kast (Bounty Hunter based OC, SWTOR canon)
Former gun-for-hire Seran-vin left his home on Tatooine when his father's friend Braden offered to support him as a candidate for the Great Hunt with the assistance of Mako and Jory. Arriving on Hutta, he made quick work of his assignments until Tarro Blood showed up and murdered Braden and Jory. Winning the Great Hunt became more than sport, and Seran set out with Mako not only to win the hunt but avenge the deaths of their friends.

Lathi Kast (Imperial agent OC, SWTOR era)
As a Zabrak in Imperial Space, Lathi wears a helmet and affects an Imperial accent when on the job as Cipher 7, and maintains a strict division in his life between what is personal, and what's on the job. Due to the unorthodox situation in which he gained his rank, Keeper has seen fit to allow it.

Dragonball Z, Legend of Zelda and Threads of Fate (Dewprism) may also later be represented.



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